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Local (Southern California) Scorpions

I have seen something like 10-12 species of local scorpions in my bug hunts in California. For a not very well researched or kept list of possible local species go to local scorpion species list. To see some pictures and stuff about local species i have actually caught or taken pictures of, go to local species captives.

Species List

# Order Family (subfamily) Genus species common name species sheet
1 ? ? ? ? (local unID) species sheet
2 Anuroctonus(G?) phaiodactylus (sp?) swollen stinger no species sheet
3 Babycurus (?) jacksoni (?) Rusty(?) Thick Tail (?) no species sheet
4 Centruroides exilicauda AZ Bark no species sheet
5 Centruroides gracilis FL Bark no species sheet
6 Centruroides vittatus (xeric) Striped Bark no species sheet
7 Centruroides vittatus Striped Bark species sheet
8 Diplocentrus sp. no species sheet
9 Euscorpius flavicaudis no species sheet
10 Hadogenes paucidens Olive-keeled Flat Rock species sheet
11 Hadrurus arizonesis Giant Hairy Desert species sheet
12 Heterometrus spinifer(sp?) Malaysian Forest no species sheet
13 Heterometrus spinifer(sp?) Forest no species sheet
14 Pandinus cavimanus Red Claw Emperor species sheet
15 Pandinus imperator Emperor Emperor species sheet
19 Superstitioniidae Superstitionia donensis Superstitionia Mountains s s
16 Tityus bahiensis Bahia Devil no species sheet
17 Uroctonus mordax western forest no species sheet
18 Vaejovis coahuilae Lesser Stripe Tail no species sheet
19 Vaejovis spinigerus AZ (aka Devil) Stripe Tail species sheet